The Management and all employees of Arca Timur Sdn Bhd recognize the importance and responsibility towards Health Safety and Enviroment. To prevent, eliminate hazard and reduce risks of injuries to health and damage to property. Arca Timur Sdn Bhd practice (ALARP) as low as reasonably practicable as guideline in the execution of Arca Timur Sdn Bhd activities and services.

To meet this commitment, Arca Timur Sdn Bhd shall manage its activities and services in accordance with the following Health, Safety and Environment principles:-

  1. To comply with all applicable Health, Safety and Environment legislation, regulations and internationally recognized standards that is relevant to our Clients and our industries.
  2. To develop and provide adequate resources to achieved the Arca Timur Sdn Bhd Health, Safety and Environment objectives.
  3. To provide training and effective communication to Arca Timur Sdn Bhd employees and families.
  4. To demonstrate Health, Safety and Environment leadership at levels.
  5. To continually improve Health, Safety and Environment performance and review regularly to ensure effectiveness and improvement.
  6. This policy is applicable and made available to all Arca Timur Sdn Bhd employees and our business associates. Upon request this policy shall be made available to any other interested parties.


David Ho
Managing Director