Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladders

150kg RATED | AS 1892
LENGTHS .9m – 3.6m
Our Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder is a lightweight yet rigid step ladder designed for Australian professionals seeking the ultimate in height safety, for use where electrical hazards exist.

● Safe for electrical work

● Strong double hollow step treads

● Swagelock step connection 50% stronger
● Stronger full gusset base brace – “Gusset Gutz”

● Large solid feet – plated for extra support
● Side arm locks improves rigidity and reduces twist

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Made from non-conductive materials, our Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder is designed to ensure those working with electricity remain safe from start to finish, making it perfect for electricians, as well as those working in an environment where electrical accidents may occur.

One of the many reasons Ladamax is the preferred brand for tradies is thanks to our exclusive failsafe designs. Like all of our ladders, our Fibreglass Single Sided Step Ladder is equipped with our signature safety feature, ‘Swagelock’ which ensures 50% extra strength. The Swagelock method is different in that it does not require the use of ‘rivets’ when connecting step treads or rungs to the ladder side rails. Thanks to Swagelock, tortional rigidity is increased, twist is reduced and the risk of tread or rung collapse is eliminated, effectively reducing the risk of workplace accidents, as well as increasing the lifespan of your product. In the event of a huge overload, Ladamax step tread will only bend, unlike others which may collapse completely.

Other safety features include a stronger full gusset base brace system to ensure a solid foundation (“Gusset Gutz”), side arm locks to further improve rigidity and reduce twist, guaranteeing stability and rigidity, a double hollow step tread processed and swaged through side rails for added strength, a failsafe step that can never shear under normal use, no rivets to shear or rust, no holes to elongate as well as the strongest plated foot connection.

All of our ladders are stress tested to 150kg to ensure maximum safety for our users as per the AS 1892 safety standard which sets out the minimum recommended safe practices and requirements for the selection, use and maintenance of portable ladders.

Our Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder is lightweight and portable without compromising strength or durability, making it the first choice for companies, contractors and professionals looking to create a safer workplace.