• eFlex-Double-RackEnd-BarriereFlex-Double-RackEnd-Barrier

    A-SAFE Safety Barriers

    The eFlex™ Double RackEnd Barrier is designed to protect the ends of racking aisles, where turning vehicles and equipment can impact vulnerable racking structures.

    It absorbs and deflects repeated impacts and is ideal for facilities where heavier vehicles with a higher ground clearance are in operation.

    eFlex™ Double RackEnd Barriers feature circular end posts to provide enhanced protection at the barrier ends, which are more susceptible to impact. Spinning collars on the posts further deflect and dissipate impact forces.

  • iFlex BollardiFlex Bollard


    iFlex™ Bollards are designed to protect structures and equipment from vehicle impact damage. They provide a robust physical presence to prevent access or guide vehicles and pedestrians.

    iFlex Bollards are strong, durable and highly visible. They reinforce a driver’s attention to safe driving and can also act as guidance along traffic routes. A-SAFE Bollards are multi-functional and used extensively in industrial, commercial and public environments.

  • mFlex Double Traffic BarriermFlex Double Traffic Barrier


    mFlex™ Double Traffic Barrier is designed to safeguard walls, structures, goods and machinery from lightweight hand operated equipment and powered pallet trucks.

    Double rails increases the height and strength of the impact zone, providing greater impact resistance and improving protection against general wear and tear. Over time, frequent impacts can damage surfaces, materials and stock. It can even break expensive equipment.