ARIANA horizontal lifeline EN795C PRINCIPE D INSTALLATION ARIANA General-purpose anchor plate. ref : AN Pretension end. ref : AN Swage end. ref : AN ARIANA shuttle. ref : AN Intermediate recovery part or P.A.S. ref : AN Turn element. ref : AN Anchor plate for post. ref : AN Cable. ref : AN Swageless pretensioner. ref : AN707/ Swageless end. ref : AN709/ Energy absorption element. ref : AN Standard post. ref : AM250/500 HOW TO USE A shuttle (P/N AN700) slides along a cable attached permanently to a structure. Connected to the shuttle by an interconnecting part such as a lanyard provided with an energy absorber or a fall arrest system, the user can move safely along the system without needing to unhook. QUALITY CONTROL On each batch of components, the PROTECTA INTERNATIONAL quality department carries out breakage tests and checks conforming to the requirements of the procedures validated by ISO 9001 certification. The set of fixed components forming part of the ARIANA system, such as : cable, intermediate recovery part, pretension system, energy absorber, clevis, anchorage plate and turn element, all of stainless steel. CARACTERISTIC Horizontal, rectilinear and/or curved use, Slope to 15, all configurations possible, suitable for assembly on any type of support. – Number of users : 5 persons – Intermediate recovery : maximum distance 15 m. -Breaking strength > 37 kn. -Pretension 80 dan. The ARIANA system is in conformity with the EN795 CLASS C standard concerning anchorage devices. The notified APAVE organization has issued the conformity certificate number C A U T I O N A cable slope not exceeding 15 is standard. To limit the risk of an accident due to the pendulum effect, it is advisable to place the shuttle vertically above the working area


    8 ft. (2.4 m) aluminum tripod with adjustable locking legs, safety chain and skid-proof feet.

    When it comes to confined space entry/rescue, it is essential that equipment operates perfectly and quickly. Lightweight, portable Protecta® aluminum tripods are ideal for confined space manhole entry and retrieval. They’re easily transported from one location to another and can be set-up by one worker. Attach one or two mechanical devices such as a winch or 3-way self retracting lifeline and you’re ready to go. Our tripods are loaded with features such as locking legs, simple detent pin style adjustment, quick-mount mechanical device bracket and skid resistant tread plate soles on feet.

    • 2.35 m (8 ft.) aluminium tripod
    • Telescoping adjustable locking legs
    • Skid-proof tread plate soles on feet
    • Safety leg support chain