• The unique CE certified fall restraint solution.
  • Compatible with all ISO certified containers.
  • Provides an elevated anchorage point reducing fall clearance requirements.
  • Ensures total fall protection solution, even while working on a single container.
  • No tools or container modification required.

Any application requiring workers to be on the top of an ISO Container: inspection, repair, maintenance, equipment fitting. DBI Sala is the world’s global leader in the production of fall protection equipment available over a number of stores. Fall arrest post is a kind of safety equipment which is intended for the fall protection.

Fall arrest post is basically intended to be used where there are higher chances of component getting fall down. This is basically a kind of vertical post which is providing the support from its sides with which the component which is to be saved can be tied.

DBI Sala Advanced ISO Container Fall Arrest Post is basically intended to arrest the fall of the ISO container. Many times there are chances of hazards if the container falls due to the presence of the corresponding substance in the respective container.

This fall arrest post is quite compact and hence there are chances for transporting the same quite easily. One can transport it to the location where the required safety is to be provided to be used in the respective location. The post is allowing protection of 360 degrees for about 3 workers.

The design is similar to a telescopic in nature with the feature of built-in levelling system. Material which is used is lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminium construction. It consists of a capacity of about 3 people of 136 kgs with a physical weight of 40 lbs.

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